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We are in this together...


A Look inside one week at our Montessori School:

Student Culture

Here at Corbin School of Innovation, our students work together in diverse multi-age classrooms and projects. We foster a love of learning, responsibility, respect for yourself, respect for each other, and respect for the  environment.  Together we work as a team to create a supportive, peaceful, and cooperative school culture.

School Expectations Theme:  RESPECT:

Yourself, Others & the Learning Environment. 


The Corbin School of Innovation's 6th through 12th grade offers flexible schooling options to meet the needs of each individual student by offering two in-person blended learning schedules, including three days a week and five days a week seminars.


We also offer virtual options where students' main attendance is a flexible schedule giving them the ability to pursue their career goals by taking classes and earning certifications at the Area Technology Center or in dual credit courses while completing their core courses digitally.


Our program focuses on self-paced and personalized learning by immersing students in rigorous content through educational software.

Students also have face-to-face meetings with teachers to check progress, work on writing and math skills, as well as to receive one-on-one mentoring to help them find their career path in life. 

Clubs & Activities

We are excited to announce several new clubs beginning in the 2023-34 school year. Stay Tuned for updates. 


After School

Redhound Enrichment is a District Program for after-school care and summer programming for students in K-8. Please inquire with our office about contact information. 
Weekly fees apply for Redhound Enrichment enrollment. 

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