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Montessori High School

Preparing a Students for College and for Life


In Montessori Education on the High School Level, we are constantly looking for new and improved ways to prepare our students for that next academic step in their lives. Starting in their 10th grade year, students who have exhibited the necessary academic maturity are offered the opportunity to enroll in college courses at multiple colleges and universities. Our Montessori High School allows our students to have an active voice in the learning process, which simply means that our teachers not only listen to the students’ input and create a plan to implement their ideas. Students are encouraged to take courses of interest and are educated in life skills such as goal setting, money management, job application skills, resume/portfolio building, entrepreneurial, and business skills.

Academic Acceleration

Early Graduation

Career Pathways

Vocational Courses


ACT Prep

Dual Credit 

College Tours

Highlights of our Career Pathways Include:
  • Entrepreneurial / Business

  • Automotive Technology

  • Aerospace Engineering

  • Industrial/Mechanical Engineering

  • Welding Technology

  • Health Sciences

  • Electrical Construction

  • Emergency Medical Services

  • Pre-Nursing

  • Law Enforcement

  • Counseling / Social Work

  • Arts & Humanities

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