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Video Consultation


The Corbin School of Innovation's FLEX program offers virtual options where students' main attendance is a digital flexible schedule with virtual check-ins, study labs, and opportunities to attend special elective classes in person.

High school students in FLEX can pursue their career goals earning opportunities to gain certifications at the Area Technology Center or Somerset Community College dual credit courses while completing their core subjects courses digitally.

Our program focuses on self-paced and personalized learning by immersing students in rigorous content through educational software.

Students also have digital meetings with teachers to check progress, work on writing and math skills, as well as to receive one-on-one mentoring to help them find their career path in life. 

High school career pathway options.

Video Production and Cinematography- Appalachian Film School

Automotive Technology

Aerospace Engineering

Industrial/Mechanical Engineering

Welding Technology

Health Sciences

Electrical Construction

Emergency Medical Services


Law Enforcement



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