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About Us

Chief Executive Officer

Tri-County Even Start offers free educational services to
anyone that is in need of a high school diploma.
Tri-County Even Start is here to help you succeed in
school, but most importantly, we want to support you and
your family!

Our Program

Marketing Director

Tri-County Even Start incorporates a variety of learning tools to assist students in completing their educational instruction while giving students a more flexible schedule. With personalized and self-paced learning as well as check-up meetings with teachers, students are able complete their graduation requirements while still supporting their family.

Students also gain skills and real world knowledge through
programs we provide by partnering with health departments
and other local businesses to ensure our students obtain a
well-rounded education. Students are also able to enjoy
monthly classes that focus on a rotation of topics. With plans to
expand early literacy through a program with the public
library, students and their families have every chance to get a
great start on their future.